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Table Talks

July 2022 Table Talk: 

Climate & Energy Policy


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The July 2022 Table Talks on Climate and Energy will provide an opportunity to engage in conversations informed by non-partisan information on these issues, as well as a way to consider their pros and cons with others in a positive, thoughtful atmosphere. The goal is to empower participants to participate in these civic discussions with confidence, and contribute to informed, deliberative decision making in and for the future.

We hope you will join us for this unique learning opportunity! 

The Table Talks Process

What does it mean to participate in a Table Talk?

  1. After selecting a Table Talk discussion date, you’ll get a short survey to convey your current views on a range of climate and energy-related topics.

  2. You then will receive an online briefing booklet that can be used to brush up on the issues before discussing them with others, if you wish.

  3. On the date of your Table Talk, you will be grouped with 8 – 10 other individuals from different geographies and experiences, so participants can learn together and from each other.

  4. Immediately following the Table Talk, you will have a chance to complete the initial survey again, to see if any of your views changed, and if so, how.


These Table Talks will take place the 3nd and 4th week of July and you can pick from different times of the day and days of the week (Click on the "Pick an Event Date" button for options).


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